Friday, 6 January 2012

Current Lust List

I wish I knew where Geek Chic Cosmetics has been all my life. I do not think a single online shopping website has ever made me happier in the first ten seconds than this one did.

I'm holding off placing an order for now, probably, as I have bought too much already today, but Things I Want include Rose Tint My World (it is an EYESHADOW inspired by ROCKY HORROR I might have to DIE now) and Ebon Blade (because not only is it a WoW shadow, which wins, it also just might be that perfect burgundy I've been looking for to match the Radley handbag I got for Christmas). I also might wind up buying myself the complete Mana Screwed eyeshadow set some day, even if only because someone made eyeshadow inspired by M:tG and I feel it is my duty as a female gaming make-up geek to give them my money in return. (And to think I used to say I wasn't influenced by targeted advertising...)

As far as lipsticks are concerned, the range is much smaller but some of the colours look interesting. Thanks to a fashion disaster involving blue glitter lipstick when I was about fourteen I am suspicious of Hipster Arial, but it looks so sexhay in the photo on the site I might be brave anyway. I definitely want to have a go with KAOS, either way.

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