Sunday, 8 January 2012

Divinely decadent, darling

I do always love having green nails. Cabaret is one of my favourite things of all time, and that line of Sally's came to me at a remarkably impressionable age and has stayed with me ever since. Alas, my nails are not quite as perfectly long and vicious-looking as Liza's!

I haven't thought ahead any further than Tuesday what they've got to go with, but tomorrow I'm going for a pretty green eye and on Tuesday after work I'll be out pretending to be a werewolf so anything with earthy tones is a good idea; I'll be in a dark green shirt at any rate. I shall just have to remember not to wear blue this week and I'll be on to a winner.

Over my standard ridge-filler base coat is a Collection 2000 polish that I can't tell you the shade of because the damn text has worn off the bottle, topped with the Accessorise clear glitter I bought on Saturday for a bit of extra sparkle. There's two coats of everything and a whole load of top coat, so with a bit of luck this shouldn't chip too much over the course of the week. I can but live in hope...

Today has been remarkably quiet on the beauty front. I've been giving my skin a day off make-up as I wasn't going anywhere, and I haven't even managed to get round to testing a BPAL today. I shall have to rectify that in the morning - I have a cheap job lot of GC imps I bought on ebay on the way here, and I really do need to get caught up with my untrieds.

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