Monday, 16 January 2012

Don't know why there's no sun up in the sky - stormy weather...

So, ladies and gentlemen, it is official: I am a gigantic idiot. I had somehow failed to notice that a) Sally's in this country is just the same Mecca of glamour as it is in the States and b) there is one RIGHT OUTSIDE MY FREAKING FRONT DOOR. It is literally right over the road. I can see it out of my bedroom window.

Needless to say, I have made the best of this discovery once I got over my immense stupidity. The Saturday Shop began there this weekend just past, and provided me with two bottles of China Glaze (omg they sell China Glaze I am so happy) - one in Papaya Punch, a slightly terrifying tangerine colour that I bought because it was on sale and tangerine is apparently going to be a big thing this spring/summer, and the other in the ubiquitous Ruby Pumps. I also picked up a bottle of NMA Ultra Pro in Molten Opal, which I thought would make a good pearlescent topcoat, a pre-base-coat nail primer pen that stinks to high heaven but actually does seem to help with chip resistance, and a little packet of pretty black and while flowery nail decals. Remarkably restrained, I thought.

Yes, I too wish this photo contained less finger and more nail.
Less restrained was the fact that I popped back over the very next day while ostensibly out having a cigarette and dropped over a tenner on a bottle of OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts. In my defence, I was coming to do this week's nails and I wanted something Januaryish. It's a beautiful stormy grey, just like rainclouds, and perfect for what I wanted the weekendly mani to be this time. Shown here - please excuse the random bus stop pic, I took it while waiting for the bus to work as the photo only looked any cop in the sunshine! - is that, covered with a top coat of the lovely holographic glitter I bought from the Accessorise range last week. It looks a million times better over this than it did over last week's green, upon which it was basically wasted. 


Face of the day: A simple sparkly grey eye using a couple of the shadows I have recently bought from the lovely Sassy Minerals for cheaps, complemented with berry-stained lips from a lipstick I've had for a million years that originally belonged to someone else entirely that is probably from Stargazer Cosmetics but frankly who knows.

Scent of the day: BPAL's Rocking-Horse-Fly. Only two untrieds left to get through and the bumper pack of 45 imps I bought off ebay has yet to arrive, o noes :-(

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