Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Saturday Shop

Face of the day: a simple, casual smoky eye with gold and browns, and a carefully nuded lip. I'm getting quite good at invisible lips - there are some looks that I think work better if you basically make your lips vanish away into the rest of your face. I struck lucky when I found a nude lipstick that was basically my exact skin tone, and with that and a liberal amount of pressed powder this is trivial to do. The beauty spot, by the way, is kind of my trademark - I keep considering getting it tattooed on.

Outfit of the day: a big slouchy printed top over black bootcut jeans and my FitFlop boots. Simple, casual, comfortable; it's a Saturday and I have no plans other than shopping and I dearly want to relax.

Scent of the day: BPAL Black Temple Burlesque Troupe. I'm building up my BPAL reviews and database over on their own forums, and plan to keep it pretty much exclusively there - I know that BPAL is one of those companies that divide the beauty world somewhat, and while I'm a big fan I have no wish to annoy anyone [grin]


I am not at liberty to disclose what percentage of my weekly income I spent on Prince's Street this afternoon. The Common Sense and Decency Police forbid it. I got a pretty damn good haul, though, so I'm not feeling anywhere near as guilty as I should be.

First stop was Superdrug. I've bought myself a lot of skincare bits and pieces, including my first ever foray into the world of having separate day and night creams instead of just slathering on the same cheap moisturiser every morning after my shower and every evening after taking off my make-up. It feels really rather grown up. I also finally got around to picking up some cuticle oil. My nails are one of my projects at the moment - they're kind of a wreck. I'm even taking those special 'skin, hair & nail' vitamins every morning in the probably vain hope that they aren't just snake oil. On the make-up front I got a clear glitter polish from Accessorise's new range (can you believe I didn't actually own a clear glitter polish until now? I know, I know!), a new black eyeliner from Barry M as part of my relentless and largely disheartening search for the perfect pencil liner to draw in my eyebrows with (Boots 17 is utter shite, btw, as evidenced by my shitty eyebrows in the photo above), an emerald green pen liner also from Barry M, a nude/gold blush from Collection 2000 as I want to experiment with brown-toned blushers without breaking the bank and a dirt cheap pretty little eyeshadow palate from a budget company called beautyUK.

I'm not expecting miracles from this, of course; it only cost £3.99. But I've swatched them all on the back of my hand and they're actually surprisingly good considering the price and range - it's a nice collection of soft, pretty tones, perfect for spring. I'll try and get some half-decent photos when I actually get round to using them properly, though I make no promises.

Then I hit up Primark, which was surprisingly satisfactory. I tried on a large number of nylon dresses that made me look like an elephant, but also managed to uncover one little gem that ACTUALLY FUCKING FIT and was EVEN REALLY QUITE FLATTERING for, of course, barely more than a tenner. I've failed to get a photo so far that doesn't look like utter crap, but as soon as I wear it there'll be one of the whole look. Suffice it to say I'm pleased - floral patterns are going to be big this spring, and floaty chiffon is always in for S/S. This pattern is on black, which makes it feel 'me' as well as being on-trend, and it's in a few different colours that mean it'll work with all sorts of different eyeshadow and lipstick combos.

Other acquirations included a pair of high-heeled Oxford brogues (yes, I *know* they're on the way out but hush, I like them), a pretty patterned top in the burgundy wine shade that seems to be becoming the accent colour in my capsule wardrobe (the basic being black, obv) and a little black and white dress that ticks a lot of fashion boxes all at once - 70s for the buttons, 60s for the cut, colour blocking, drop-waisted, front pockets...

I was pretty chuffed, to say the least.

Then I went and spent thirty quid on books, BECAUSE I CAN BITCHES, including The Hunger Games which I keep on and on hearing about and have never actually read. And now I am going to go and play Skyrim, because it is about damned time too.

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