places to buy shiny things

Makeup, Polish and Perfume: beauty etailers I love

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab: Yes, I am a BPAL fangirl. Yes, I basically treat imps as though they were trading cards. The thing is, you see, these little perfumes just make me so happy. Go. Read the descriptions. Give Beth all your money. Smell amazing for the rest of your life.

Cult Nails: The colours! And the sparkle! I've also heard very good things about their base and top coats - the standard Holy Grail of top coats is obviously Seche Vide, but failing that I hear this one's pretty nifty.

Fyrinnae: The indie etailer for gorgeous eyeshadows, long-lasting lip stains, and of course the semi-legendary Pixie Epoxy. I have also heard excellent things about their Velvet Gel silica primer. The TAT is often less than ideal, but these guys are well worth it.

Geek Chic Cosmetics: A very shiny-looking website specialising in high-quality make-up with a fandom-based theme. They have eyeshadow collections for Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Firefly...there's a lot of very cool stuff here. They even have a Rocky Horror eyeshadow! I MUST HAVE IT. They've recently launched a line of solid perfumes, which I am watching with much excitement and some bank-balance-related trepidation.

Lynderella: Nobody makes glittery nail varnish like this woman makes glittery nail varnish, I swear to god. These bottles look like Tinkerbell threw up in them. Suffice it to say that I really, really, really want some. Sadly they're about as easy to find as unicorn pee, but I live in hope.

Meow Cosmetics: I am very interested in their Skinny Dipper highlighter - hopefully there's some reviews out there I can find that'll let me know if it's worth forking out for or not. Otherwise, I think this would be a good brand for summer - they have lots of glowy, dewy face ranges. There's a fair bit I'm interested in here, actually.

Obsessive-Compulsive Cosmetics: Gorgeous clean site, and I've read some interesting things about how well their foundation is colour-matched. But what I'm really interested in here are the Lip Tars - highly pigmented lip stain that paints on like gloss and stays on like lipstick. They come in lots and lots of strong, bold colours and I imagine they will layer very well indeed.

One Hand Washes the Other: Highly covetable bath, body and beauty stuff. I have heard amazing things about their Black Magic soap, which apparently works as a cleanser, toner, makeup remover and spot treatment all in one, while doing each of these jobs incredibly well. I have some on order and will be reviewing it ASAP! Becca, the proprietor, also makes nommy perfumes that she sells as extremely long-lasting solid scents. Spray-on body moisturiser, loofah soaps...this place looks pretty damn epic to me.

Shiro Cosmetics: Another geek and fandom themed cosmetics company. Their eyeshadows look gorgeous too - particularly the Portal ones - but what I'm really interested in here are the Intertubes. Sort of a hybrid of lip balm and lipstick, they can be applied sheer for a dewy effect or layered for long-lasting opacity. They're themed around a mixture of fandoms, geekeries and internet memes, and I strongly suspect them of being crazyawesome. THERE IS EVEN A RICKROLL ONE I FUCKING KID YOU NOT.

Sobe Botanicals: I cannot wait until I can afford to put my order in with these guys. Loads of duochrome eyeshadows (<3), gorgeous eyeshadow kits selected to suit your eye colour, a lash&brow conditioner (this will almost certainly be a lifesaver if I ever decide to grow my eyebrows back in), more shades of colour and blemish corrector than I've seen anywhere else and a whole loade of sexy goth lipsticks. I'm already in love and I haven't even ordered yet.

Urban Decay: Okay, so they are definitely not indie. But from what I gather, nobody does primer like UD do primer. They have a primer for just about every bit of the face you can think of, and every single one of them has had rave reviews from people who are hard to impress. I'm also lemming after their All-Nighter makeup setting spray, which sounds to me like an incredibly good idea. No more slippy 4pm eyeliner! Huzzah!

Herbs, Spells and Candles: pagan etailers I trust

Twilight Alchemy Lab: Ritual oils as done by BPAL. These have been blended with real power, and can be utilised to great effect. Not to mention that they also smell gorgeous, obviously ;-)